About my work...

Abstract work is not easily quantifiable. It is about color, form and composition and other elements and directives of academic study. It may be more about individual subjectivity, emotion, personality, the subconscious and then it is a subtle reflection of daily life at the same time. It is about how we feel when we are around it, looking at it, living with it. It is these qualities that keep me painting in the abstract. Often, abstraction affects us more than we realize. Reactive, inspiring, and thought provoking. It can be as engaging as a a living organism with an energy all its own. 

When I start working I try to settle my mind. I think of the work of other artists. I think of colors and composition. I think of shapes, line and form. I try and create movement through the piece. I work the canvas using techniques and tools that I have employed successfully in the past. I continue to build up layers. Adding and subtracting. I dry fit materials and work them into the flow to determine wether to commit them to a composition. I continue to attempt the employ of new media, materials, substrate and elements of design. I am constantly incorporating sculptural components and fresh materials into new kinds of abstraction painting. 

I am often asked “what does it mean? What are you trying to say? ” As an artist my goal is much more sublime. I strive for reaction. I hope to activate an audience into thought provocation. 


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